Play weed the game

Weed the Game is twice as fun as growing real pot and a great party game. Watch your friends lose everything in a federal bust or win glory and cash at the local Cannabis Cup. Learn the perils and pitfalls that marijuana growers face every day and try to stay within the law or you could lose it all. One minute you can be counting your pounds and on the next roll you’re counting out cash to pay a fine. It’s not just fun for stoners – it’s fun for everyone who likes a good challenge and especially fun if you ever wanted to grow marijuana for medicine, fun or profit.

New Game on the way

Legalize it in 50 States will be available soon. It’s a fun pot trivia game with the goal of ending marijuana prohibition across the country. Legalize it in 50 States is a great party game. Andswer the trivia question right and you win the state. Players compete to win over the most states. Have fun pretending you are causing sweeping marijuana reform – at the same time, you can learn important facts about cannabis like:
How big is the largest joint confiscated?
A) As big as a man’s leg
B) 1 pound
C) 2 pounds
D) As big as Willie Nelson’s Pony Tail
Answer: A or C is correct. The joint was confiscated in 2013 at a 4/20 celebration at UC Santa Cruz.